My Family Rum Ball Recipe

At the beginning of the month, I brought you one of my old family Caramel Tart recipes which you can find here.

Today, I bring you another old family recipe that reminds me of Christmas time, this time from my Dad’s side.

Dad’s side isn’t big on desserts really, there’s always the mango chilli prawns (not a fan, but they’re always there) and a barbecue, but the only real ‘dessert’ type food, is Rum Balls. Obviously, I didn’t start partaking in this tradition until I was 18 (the legal age in Queensland, Australia), but very much enjoy them now. This however, is the first year I have actually made them myself and my Husband loves them.

I tend to be a little less then heavy handed with the rum in this recipe, I also opted for having a non-alcoholic batch prepared so the kids could try.

So, without further delay, I hope you enjoy making this delicious for your family this Christmas!

(This will be a step-by-step walkthrough; the full recipe can be found below)

To begin, collect the necessary ingredients:

Roughly crush the Weetbix.

Mix all of the ingredients together until wet.


They can be refrigerated here, or you can add rum to taste for a more adult audience. (Bundaberg Rum is my rum of choice, but you can use what you like/have available)

Refrigerate for at least 30 minutes.

Take them out, roll them into bite size balls, and cover with coconut.

You can serve straight away or refrigerate until you’re ready to serve them!


Here’s the recipe!

Rum Ball Recipe
Prep Time 10-15 minutes

8 Vita Brits or Weetbix

½ metric cup of Desiccated Coconut

1 metric cup of Sultanas

1 tablespoon of Cocoa Powder

1 tin (395g) of Condensed Milk

Rum to taste


Roughly crush the Vita Brits or Weetbix.

Mix all of the ingredients together in a bowl until wet.

Refrigerate for around 30 minutes.

Take out of fridge and roll into bite sized balls then toss them in some more coconut.


What’s your favourite spiked Christmas dessert?

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