Christmas Decoration Haul

I love shopping. I love sales. And I love Christmas.

Put them together and BAM, I spent too much money, but hey, here’s a haul!

This year, we needed a new tree, some more house decorations, and I decided, all new tree decorations as well. So I set out with that in mind, and here’s what I found.

*Preface – I am in no way endorsing these particular stores, I am not affiliated with any of them, they are just where I chose to shop*

I was extremely lucky in the fact that I happened to go during sales and so, although the prices are shown, I didn’t pay full price for anything from BigW. Which probably influenced my decision to buy the bulk of my haul from there, but hey, the less you spend on single items, the more you can buy.

Originally, I had wanted to go for more of a rustic look this year, but that ish is expensive and I wasn’t willing to pay crazy amounts (I mean $8 for 1 Ornament, no thanks).

Instead I settled for a copper and gold toned theme for our main tree which sits pretty much in the centre of our living space on the first floor of our little townhouse. And for our Keepsake tree, which sits on the dresser in the middle of the boys room, a winter wonderland type theme which happens to match the blue thing we’ve got going on in there anyway (still wishing I had have done the candy land theme I had considered).

Since BigW was having a sale on almost all of their Christmas ornaments and decor items, so that was the first place we went and where I picked up 90% of my items.

From BigW I picked up:

  • The Glitter Gold Star – $5.00 $3.50
  • Seasons Greetings Sign – $6.00 $4.20
  • 2 x 15 pack of Gold Baubles $6.00 $4.20
  • 2 x 25 pack Mini Baubles $6.00 $4.20
  • Bead Garland $4.00 $2.80
  • 2 x 6m Tinsel $12.00 $8.40
  • 3 x 9 pack of Large Baubles $9.00 $6.30
  • Blue & Silver 3m Tinsel $5.00 $3.50

Total Spent: $37.10

Total Saved: $15.90


Secondly, we went to Kmart, because what shop loving mum doesn’t love a good browse through Kmart? Unfortunately they didn’t have too much that I was looking for (Christmas wise, anyway… I’d easily spend all of my money in there, on stuff I don’t need).

From Kmart I picked up:

  • Snow Flake lights $6.00

Total Spent: $6.00

Target is where all of the overpriced rustic wares were (see the advent calendar? That’s what I wanted all over my tree, but I digress) the tree is actually as full as it looks, which is nice.

From Target I picked up:

  • 6ft Frosty Pine Tree $59.00
  • 250 Fairy Lights $15.00
  • Advent Calendar $10.00

Total Spent: $84.00


With all that said, I spent a grand total of $127.10 on Christmas decorations this year.

Which I don’t think is too bad for all that I got. And seeing how happy and excited the kids were when they came home to see all of the Christmas decorations out and ready to assemble, made it that much more worth it.


What is the theme of your Christmas tree/decorations this year?




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