My Family Rum Ball Recipe

At the beginning of the month, I brought you one of my old family Caramel Tart recipes which you can find here. Today, I bring you another old family recipe that reminds me of Christmas time, this time from my Dad’s side. Dad’s side isn’t big on desserts really, there’s always the mango chilli prawns […]

Christmas Decoration Haul

I love shopping. I love sales. And I love Christmas. Put them together and BAM, I spent too much money, but hey, here’s a haul! This year, we needed a new tree, some more house decorations, and I decided, all new tree decorations as well. So I set out with that in mind, and here’s […]

Great Grandma’s Traditional Caramel Tart Recipe

One of the biggest things, among many, that reminds me it’s Christmas, is definitely my Great Grandmother’s Caramel Tart Recipe. Every Christmas, without fail, there is a homemade Caramel Tart at the family gathering. The filling recipe has been passed down through 4 generations from my Great Grandmother. My Great Grandmother made it when I […]

Holiday Bucket List with Kids!

I’ve seen other Holiday Bucket Lists, many of which were obviously based somewhere in the northern hemisphere because, as much as I would love to, I won’t be building snowmen here in Australia. Here, at least for me, Christmas consists of a BBQ with family, cold salads, iced cold drinks, and generally a dip in […]

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