Another year older, another year wiser? Here are 24 things I have learned over the past 24 years.   The answer is always ‘no’ until you ask. Rejection doesn’t mean that what you’re offering isn’t good. It just isn’t what they are looking for right now. Work yields result. SometimesRead More →

I love shopping. I love sales. And I love Christmas. Put them together and BAM, I spent too much money, but hey, here’s a haul! This year, we needed a new tree, some more house decorations, and I decided, all new tree decorations as well. So I set out withRead More →

I’ve seen other Holiday Bucket Lists, many of which were obviously based somewhere in the northern hemisphere because, as much as I would love to, I won’t be building snowmen here in Australia. Here, at least for me, Christmas consists of a BBQ with family, cold salads, iced cold drinks,Read More →

When I was pregnant with my first baby, I wanted to be organized. Prepared for anything. If the baby came early? I was packed. He had other plans and ended up being born almost a week late, but I was ready either way. I spent countless hours scouring the internetRead More →